How do people catch pneumonia?

How do people catch pneumonia?

Most cases of pneumonia are bacterial and are not passed on from one person to another.


However, some cases can be contagious and spread through physical contact, coughing and sneezing. If someone has pneumonia, it is sensible to avoid contact with them.1


Ensuring good standards of hygiene will help prevent germs spreading. For example, you should:1


Cover your mouth
and nose with a
tissue when you
sneeze or cough

Throw away
used tissues
immediately – germs
can live for several
hours after they
leave your nose
or mouth

Wash your hands
regularly to avoid
transferring germs
to other people
or objects

A healthy
lifestyle can
prevent pneumonia
e.g. you should avoid
smoking as it damages
your lungs and
increases the chance
of infection

and prolonged
alcohol misuse
weakens your lungs’
natural defences against
infections, making you
more vulnerable
to pneumonia

Many factors put adults at an increased risk of pneumococcal infection1-5 and many of these factors can also increase risk of influenza so they may benefit from receiving the flu vaccine too.6 Encourage your heroes to talk to their pharmacist, doctor or nurse today.

PP-VAC-GBR-0751 June 2020