Protect Your Hero

Our family are real-life heroes. Pneumonia is a serious problem that can affect any one of them. 1

Every year


Don’t let them miss an opportunity to help protect themselves.

Vaccination can help reduce the risk of pneumococcal pneumonia, the most common type of bacterial pneumonia. 1,6

Did you know?

Pneumonia can be caused by infection from bacteria, viruses or fungi. The infection causes the tiny air sacs in the lungs to become inflamed. 7

Signs and symptoms of pneumonia

As symptoms for pneumonia vary and are similar to those of cold and flu, many people may not realise that they have pneumonia. 7

Click here for distinguishing the difference: cold, flu and pneumonia

Encourage your heroes to talk to their pharmacist, doctor or nurse about pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination today.

PP-VAC-GBR-1538 June 2020