Those At Risk

Who is most at risk of pneumonia?

Pneumonia can affect anyone, and it often occurs during autumn and winter months.2 Some people are at more risk of catching pneumonia. Risk factors include:

  • AGE

    The incidence of pneumococcal pneumonia starts increasing from the age of 4511


    Cardiovascular (heart) disease, diabetes or a respiratory diseases such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)8


    People with a weakened immunity include:8

    • those with chronic heart, lung, liver or kidney disease 
    • patients with asplenia or splenic dysfunction
    • those with multiple myeloma or genetic disorders affecting the immune system.
    • patients undergoing chemotherapy
    • bone marrow transplant patients
    • those with HIV ( at all stages)

    Pneumonia is more common and can be more serious in people that smoke.

  • FLU

    Can increase chances of catching pneumonia by 100-times‡ 12

    Based on a modeling study of the population of Illinois, USA.